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Xue county magistrate to carry out service promotion in Enterprises

In line with the principle of problem oriented, adhere to the "one enterprise and one policy", help enterprises to solve the problem of development, and give full service to the good operation and sustainable development of the enterprises. In October 24th, the county chief Xue Shengtang led the main responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the County, and carried out the service in the foreign trade enterprises. Yu Jinhu and Liu Zhaoyun, the deputy head of the county, participated in the activities.
Xue county and his colleagues came to hulam Lai, Huaxiang, Huawei and Kowloon valves. The production situation, technological research and development, personnel support and market development are all concerns of Xue county magistrate. At each spot, Xue county magistrate went into the enterprise production workshop, talked with the responsible person, understood the current situation of the enterprise, inquired about the difficulties and problems encountered in the development, and handled the relevant departments in the field to help solve the practical problems.
In 2013, Huaxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Korea's Asia advanced KSB Co., set up a new hammer project. After inspecting the production workshop and listening to the reports, Xue county magistrate affirmed the confidence of entrepreneurs in developing the real economy. On the related issues raised by the company, Xue County requested that the construction of supporting facilities for living facilities in near Lake Street should be coordinated and planned actively, and the opinion of the Ministry of land was reported to the county government. Introduce skilled workers to meet the needs of development.
During the inspection, Xue county magistrate put forward requirements for speeding up the development of foreign-funded foreign trade enterprises. First, we must set goals and fully fulfill the annual tasks. We should seize the time node, check the gap, identify the weak links, further decompose the implementation, and make every effort to sprint the annual goals and tasks. We should encourage more enterprises to obtain export qualification, expand the international market and let products go abroad. Two should be based on the current, and give full service to the key enterprises. Each town (street, district) and related departments should make a "combination boxing", increase the service to key export enterprises, transition export enterprises and newly acquired enterprises, improve the service quality and efficiency, and promote the better and faster development of the enterprises. Enterprises should strengthen their capability of independent innovation, increase investment in R & D, promote integration of the two technologies, raise the level of intelligence and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. Three, we must focus on the long term and carefully plan the opening of 13th Five-Year. The relevant departments of the county should focus on the close relationship between the development of foreign trade and the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading in our county, scientific planning and effective measures to make foreign foreign trade work a new level and a new breakthrough.