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Company Profile

In 2014, Jiangsu Huaxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established. The company is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, an “Eastern Wetland Capital, Xianhe Shenlu World”. It covers an area of ​​660,000 square meters, including a building area of ​​110,000 square meters and a registered capital of 126 million yuan. . It is a group operation company specializing in industries such as special steel refining, special steel forging processing, machinery manufacturing, heat treatment, electroplating and other steel industry and its machinery manufacturing industry chain.

In March 2007, we invested in the establishment of Jiangsu Huaxiang Forging Co., Ltd., and invested 200 million yuan in 2014 to establish the refining and precision processing division. Our colleagues were renamed as Jiangsu Huaxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; the company set up the refining division, the special steel division, Precision Machining Division.

Refining Business Unit: It owns a complete set of equipment such as intermediate frequency furnaces, electric arc furnaces, LF refining furnaces, and vacuum refining plants with the most advanced technologies in the country. The production of the largest steel ingot weight is 60 tons, with an annual output of 100,000 tons of special steel ingots.

Special Steel Business Unit: It owns 1600 tons of hydraulic fast forging units produced by Lanshi Heavy Industry, supporting large continuous furnaces, trolley heating furnaces, annealing furnaces, gas generators and boilers, etc.; establishing gas stations, substations and high standards Testing center. Formed a cast steel forging production line annual production capacity of 80,000 tons of special steel. With high production efficiency and good control accuracy, it has the ability to forge large forgings under 25 tons. The products are involved in the fields of machinery manufacturing such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, automobile and shipbuilding. Products are sold to Korea, Japan and other domestic and foreign markets.

Precision Machining Division: There are 220 sets of general-purpose processing equipment, including 22 CNC machining centers and 13 precision grinding machines. The largest diameter 630 and shaft length of 12,000 meters can be processed and processed. The quenching, nitriding, high and medium frequency equipments can be processed. 15 sets can be processed to produce products with a weight of 35 tons and a length of 16 meters; hard chrome plating and polishing equipment are 16 sets, with a maximum weight of 20 tons and a length of 16 meters. Annual designed production capacity of 25,000 tons of steel.

Detection and verification capabilities: The company is equipped with 26 high-precision detection and verification devices such as read-only spectrometers, coordinate measuring instruments, ultrasonic detectors, and electronic metallurgical microscopes to ensure product quality inspection and verification. The company has passed the quality management system, environmental management system certification and occupational health and safety management certification of China Classification Society.

Adhering to the core values ​​of “Safety, Quality, Professional Team, Responsibility, Speed, Listening, and Focusing on the Process”, and in the face of new market conditions, we continue to embrace the confidence of building high-standard products, establish the credibility of creating quality services, and shoulder the burden The trust of customers, to win the support of our customers.

With the mission of "customers first, continuous improvement, and providing guaranteed products and services", we provide our customers with high-quality, high-efficiency and advanced technology products and services with professional technology and management.